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Breast Reduction Surgery Houston

Breast Reduction Surgery by Houston Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Breast Reduction Surgery Houston

Breast Reduction surgery is a very satisfying procedure.  Heavy, large, pendulous breasts can cause or contribute to back and neck pain, posture irregularities, and attire difficulties.  They can also inhibit your ability to exercise, thus causing problems with weight and self-esteem.  Our patients marvel at the relief provided after Breast Reduction surgery and are very appreciative.

All of our Breast Reductions also include lifting the breast and reduction of the usually large areola.  Not only are the breasts smaller, but beautifully shaped in the right position on your body.  For medical reasons, a portion of your breast reduction surgery may be covered by insurance.  With so many satisfied patients, we feel our results speak for themselves.  We have never had a patient inform of us disappointment with their decision to undergo a breast reduction.

There are four different types of Breast Reduction procedures performed by Dr. Layton: vertical, superior, inferior, and free nipple graft.  The choice of procedure is based on your breast size and shape as well as the degree of reduction you are hoping to achieve.  The procedure differences relate to the number and length of incisions which is determined by how much excess skin and breast tissue is present.  Our goal is to give you the perfect shaped breast at the appropriate position on the chest wall while also reducing the excess weight, thereby increasing your confidence and comfort with the fewest number of detectable incisions.

Brest Reduction Patient Testimonial

Breast Reduction Surgery Houston

THE PROCEDURE – Breast Reduction Surgery Houston

A Breast Reduction is performed in an accredited surgery center under general anesthesia. You will be marked before surgery and given a chance to ask any questions.  Breast Reduction surgery usually takes approximately two hours, but timing depends on the reduction technique and the amount of tissue excised.  The length and placement of the incision also depends on the technique chosen and how large of a reduction.  Dr. Layton will discuss these options with you in the consultation.

A single stitch is used to close each of the incisions.  A sterile dressing is placed over each of the incision areas and drains are usually used.  These dressings will be changed at your first follow-up visit and drains will usually be removed.  This is within the first three days after the procedure.  A wrap or surgical brazier will also be placed around the breast that you will leave on until seen in the office for drain removal.  You will be in the recovery room for about an hour and then you will be discharged home.

Following your first follow-up visit, you will likely be placed in a soft supportive bra.  You will remain in this for approximately six weeks until your incisions are healed—at which time you may wear any bra of your choosing.  It is recommended that you support your new breasts for at least eight to ten weeks after surgery.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – Breast Reduction Surgery Houston

Will my breasts be even?  No breasts will be absolutely equal in size unless it is an accident.  Natural non-surgical breasts are not the exact same size. However, you will be closer than you were pre-surgery as we weigh the amount taken off each side. We try to estimate how much bigger one side is pre-operatively to equalize during removal.

How big will I still be?  We strive to give you a breast that fits your body.  That is where our artistic ability gives us an advantage over some other surgeons.  We will work with you to determine the appropriate size for your desired result.

How long is  recovery?  Recovery varies among patients but you can usually return to a non-strenuous job in two to three days.  Heavy lifting or exercise is not recommended for at least eight weeks.

Can I still have mammograms?  We agree with regularly scheduled mammograms as per breast cancer detection recommendations.  We will require one pre-operatively mammogram for high-risk women or those over 40 years of age.  We also recommend a new baseline mammogram at six months after the procedure.

Can I breast feed after a Breast Reduction?  It depends on the technique used for the reduction.  Some of the techniques should maintain the ability as before surgery and some will not.  This should be discussed at your consultation.

Will I lose  sensation in the areola?  Because of the tissue removal and the location, there is certainly a risk of losing sensation to the nipple. This should be discussed at your consultation.

Can the breast grow back?  Yes.  Breasts are made of fibrous tissue and fatty tissue.  As we age, hormones change or weight increases, fatty tissue enlarges.  Therefore, if the procedure is done when young or if weight gain occurs, the breasts can certainly get larger.

Brest Reduction Patient Testimonial

Breast Reduction Surgery Houston

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