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Breast Reconstruction Surgery Houston

Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction Surgery Houston

Because of the large volume of breast surgery and our reputation of excellence with superior results, we are often asked to do reconstructive breast surgery.  I sub-categorize this into cancer reconstruction, congenital reconstruction and reconstruction from a less than favorable previous breast surgical outcome.

Cancer reconstruction.  Breast cancer affects one in nine women in the United States.  To hear the diagnosis of cancer can be devastating to your emotional well being.  Not only do you worry about your life and defeating the cancer, but also about losing part of your womanhood—your breasts.

We strive to rebuild that part of you that has been lost.  We offer the latest technique in breast expander and implant reconstruction. In most instances, we will work with your general surgeon or breast surgeon to restore your breast at the same time as its removal.  In doing so, we can eliminate the emotional turmoil of awakening without a breast.

At the original surgery, an inflatable, expandable device will be placed where the breast was removed.  You will be seen every two weeks for inflation or expansion in the office.  This is quick and painless.  Once filled to the desired volume, a waiting period of at least three months occurs to let the tissue relax.  If having chemotherapy or radiation, we will wait until these are completed prior to removing the expandable device.  Another quick day surgery replaces the expander with a long term implant. We also provide nipple reconstruction if desired.

Congenital breast reconstruction. This includes asymmetric breasts as well as tubular or constricted breast deformities.  We use a combination of breast augmentations, breast lifts, and breast reductions to produce superior results to produce the intended or desired outcome.

Previous breast surgery (unfavorable results). This is a broad category that includes ruptured implants, capsular contracture, asymmetric previous surgery, bottoming out, exchanging implants as well as unsatisfactory results.  Through extensive experience, we have gained the knowledge to tackle even the most difficult breast problems.  Our goal is to make the perfect breast.    We will strive with reasonable expectations to achieve the best possible result in your specific case.  In our hands, we are confident we can make dramatic positive improvements.

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