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Body Lift Houston

Body Lift Surgeon Houston

Body Lift Houston

A Body Lift has become a popular surgery, mainly due to the improvements and commonality of bariatric or weight loss surgery.  A body lift is for someone with circumferential trunkal laxity or loose skin that not only includes the abdomen but the lateral thighs, buttock and back.  A tummy tuck incision is extended around both sides and the back to meet in the middle of the back, just above the buttock crease.  In some circumstances, a Buttock Augmentation is performed with a Body Lift so that the excess skin and fat on the upper buttock can be used to augment or fill the usually flat buttock created by the skin laxity (also referred to as “auto-augmentation of the buttock”).

Body Lift Houston

THE PROCEDURE – Body Lift Houston

A Body Lift is performed in an accredited surgery center or hospital under general anesthesia.  You will see Dr. Layton the morning of surgery, be marked before surgery and given a chance to ask any questions.  A Body Lift is a relatively lengthy procedure, taking usually four to five hours to complete, that requires turning the patient over during surgery while under anesthesia.  Because of this, as well as the magnitude of the surgery, a patient may be required to spend the night in the hospital.

At the beginning of the procedure and due to the length of the procedure, a catheter will be placed in your bladder and special stockings will be placed on your legs to help prevent blood clotting.  A tummy tuck is performed, excising the excess fat and skin from the abdomen.  You are then turned on one side where the excess skin on the lateral thigh is removed.  You are then turned to the other side and the procedure process repeated.  Finally, you are placed face down and the excess skin on the back and buttock areas is removed.  There are usually four drains, dressings and a compression garment placed around the operated areas.

You will be in the recovery room until you meet the criteria to either go home or be moved to a hospital room for the night.  You will be examined the next day, either in Dr.  Layton’s office or the hospital.  Your dressings will usually be changed in the office on the third day following surgery.  You are usually allowed to shower five days following surgery.  Your next routine follow-up will be two weeks post-surgery or sooner for drain removal, if appropriate.  The compression garment will be worn for at least six weeks after surgery. You should expect to be moving around relatively normal by ten to 14 days following surgery.  Your other follow-up appointments will be at six weeks and three months post-surgery.

Body Lift Houston

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