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Arm Lift Houston, Tx

Arm Lift Surgery in Houston

An Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) is a surgical procedure that reshapes the under portion of the upper arm, from the underarm region to the elbow. Patients considering an Arm Lift have usually lost elasticity in the skin and underlying tissue of the upper arm as a result of significant weight loss, aging, or heredity. An Arm Lift reduces excess sagging skin that droops downward when the arm is extended away from the body (sometimes referred to as “bat wings”). It also tightens and smooths the upper arm so that the underlying shape and definition of the arm can be appreciated. In addition, any localized pockets of fat in the upper arm region may be reduced through an Arm Lift, most commonly in conjunction with Liposuction.

Arm Lift Houston

THE PROCEDURE – Arm Lift Houston

An Arm Lift is performed in an accredited surgery center under general anesthesia. You will be marked before surgery and given a chance to ask any questions. The procedure takes approximately two hours but may be more or less, depending on the amount of excess skin.

There are three incision choices that you and Dr. Layton will discuss with you at your consultation. You and Dr. Layton will determine which procedure is most appropriate to achieve your desired look. Incision length and pattern depend on the amount and location of excess skin to be removed. The most common incision begins on the inner side of the upper arm, extending from the elbow to the armpit and then a short distance down the extension of the armpit onto the upper back. The second most common incision is the previously described incision without the extension onto the upper back. The third incision is for minimal excess skin and is limited to an incision in the natural crease of the armpit with no incision on the arm.

The incisions are made through the skin and superficial fat. The skin and fat are elevated or separated from the underlying muscle. The skin is redraped and pulled over the initial incision to determine the amount of excess to remove in order to provide the best shape and contour. The excess skin is then removed. To close the incision, deep support sutures are placed within the underlying tissue to minimize scarring and add support. Dressings or bandages will be applied to your incisions and your arms will be wrapped to minimize swelling and provide support. Small, thin tubes may be temporarily placed under the skin to drain excess fluid or blood that may collect.

You should expect to wear a compression garment for six to eight weeks following surgery. Follow-up appointments are two weeks, six weeks and three months post-surgery. There may be an additional appointment for drain removal if a drain is placed.

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